MANTI CERAMIC Medium Density

Product Description

Manti Ceramic Medium Density micro coating is a nanoresin-based treatment applied in three/six
coats with a sprayer/roller. It has an insulating power equal to 5–8 cm of conventional EPS exterior
insulation or the like and may be white or coloured. To apply this treatment, the surface must be
smooth and free of detached material, or scraped beforehand.
Possible thicknesses range from 1 mm to a maximum of 2 mm.
This version is already a finish and may be coloured.

λd = 0,0019 W/mK 

Product Specifics

From 1 mm to 2 mm

Roll-on/spray application

2 mm = 5–8 cm of EPS

Fire resistant and moisture proof

This version is particularly suitable for low-cost insulation benefitting the tax deduction.
The product is certified.

microcappotto media densità

Manti Medium Density micro coating is also suitable for insulating homes from within, since it is entirely non-toxic.

Other advantages include the fact that it is a finish, since it is waterproof and crack resistant. A fire-resistant product guaranteed to be moisture proof because it is very breathable.

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