Manti Ceramic Alta Densità

Manti High Density

Manti High Density micro coating with reduced thickness, from 2 mm to 10 mm, is an insulating resin based on ceramic microspheres.

Medium-Density Manti Ceramic

The Manti Ceramic Medium Density microcoat is a three/six coat spray/roller treatment based on nanoresin.

Technological M

Manti Technological M

The thermal waterproofing protective coating is water-based, solvent-free, similar to paint.

Low Density Manti

The Low Density TRANSPARENT THERMO-RES is a three-coat treatment based on nanoresin which has an insulating power equal to 4 cm of EPS.


HUMIBLOCK is a white, inorganic and odourless, fibre-reinforced smoothing compound, formulated for renovation, dehumidification and/or waterproofing.


Waterproofing elastomeric resin coating, based on modified acrylic resins.

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